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Due to COVID 19, we are only seeing clients virtually for sessions.
Our Purpose ​

To utilize techniques that will empower individuals to focus on their potentials, strengths, interests, abilities, knowledge, and capacities, rather than their limits. 


Our Mission 

To focus on the individual's strengths rather than pathology, labels, and diagnosis. RC believes that people can learn, grow, and change.

"Come, let's talk about it"






Ross Counseling is a mental health practice located in Baltimore county. Ross Counseling utilizes a strength-based approach to counseling.


RC believes that when provided the necessary tools and resources, individuals can reach their full potential. RC believes that individuals are resilient and therefore treatment focused on helping clients to identify strengths they have to empower and improve their lives.




We are looking for a fully licensed, part-time and/or full-time therapist in the state of Maryland to join our practice at Ross Counseling, LLC!

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